Little Revolt School Programs

Little Revolt works with schools to immerse students in the world of classical theater.

We Offer:

In-School Classic Theater (Shakespeare) Residency – Little Revolt will devote from 1 to 3 months at your school (during school or after school), focusing on Shakespeare or other classical theater text and performance. The residency will culminate in a student performance. Programs can be customized for all age levels. For more information about why we do Shakespeare, read our recent blog post.

Shakes+Art Workshops –  Little Revolt will conduct shorter duration workshops with your students focusing on Shakespeare and art. The workshops are hands-on and include a variety of art projects, theater excercises, early modern English drama lessons, as well as sonnet writing.

In-School Literary Arts Immersion Program – We are seeking a school to pilot this unique program which involves students in an immersive in-classroom experience around an assigned text (of the school’s choosing). The program includes outside actors, costumes, and an idea session with students to shape how the story will come to life.

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Theater for the People

At Little Revolt we believe that everyone should have an opportunity to create theater (or to learn about great art like the works of Shakespeare). We believe any student is capable and should be challenged to the best of their ability. We also think that Shakespeare should be, above all else, fun. Our programs are available for all ages, socio-economic backgrounds, and skill levels, including at-risk students or students with physical challenges.

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