About Us

Who Is Little Revolt?

Little Revolt Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) theater and arts organization located in Miami, Florida. We advocate for participatory theater, not pretentious theater. Creating theater and art makes lives better, communities brighter and schools stronger. We think everyone ought to have the opportunity to participate. Our motto is:

Theater for the people,

by the people, and

of the people.

Little Revolt performance

Our Mission:

Little Revolt’s mission is to provide community learning opportunities in theater and the arts. We foster creativity and develop skills among youth, adults, and seniors including under-served populations, such as low-income teens or people with disabilities. We do this through workshops, hands-on participation, and performance.

What We Do:

Little Revolt provides live performances as well as theater and Shakespeare workshops in schools, at senior centers and in communities. This includes classical theater residencies with youth, Encore “creative aging” programs for older adults, and more. Quality participatory theater and art programs generate many wonderful benefits. Check out the What We Do page of our web site to learn more about our many programs.

Who We Serve:

Our programs are available to schools, children, adults, senior centers and communities in southeast Florida. Our programs are inclusive, and we welcome under-served populations.

Little Revolt Critters

Our Name:

Modest ideas or small gestures can often make a big difference. The Little Revolt name comes from the idea that neighborhood theater and art can teach, build community, and make lives brighter. Theater can facilitate change and make the world a better place. Just like the furry critters which adorn our website, we are small, but we pack a big punch.

Our Logo & Illustrations:

The Little Revolt logo and the wonderful animal illustrations on our site were created by a Brazilian artist, Mayra Magalhaes.

Our Leadership:

Samuel Chesser is the founder and CEO of Little Revolt. The organization is also led by an esteemed and diverse group of professionals who make up our Board.

Samuel Chesser Little Revolt

Meet Little Revolt's Founder

Sam Chesser is the founder and Artistic Director of Little Revolt. He is also the President of Wolf Adventure consulting and marketing as well as Plan 9 Players. Sam studied both acting and business in college where he obtained a BBA in Marketing. He has more than 20 years of experience as a business leader and marketing executive in the financial services sector. Sam has served on multiple nonprofit boards devoted primarily to youth, education and the arts. Sam’s theater experience includes 10 years as a stage and voice actor, teaching artist, writer, and director – including work with with children, teens and adults. He has performed in shows as varied as King Lear, You Can’t Take It with You, A Few Good Men, The Foreigner, Tartuffe, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and others. His favorite role to date was Long John Silver. Sam has studied at the American Shakespeare Center, with the Folger Shakespeare Library, and at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Sam is also a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and National Arts Strategies prestigious Executives in Arts and Culture program. Sam’s passion is theater. He founded Little Revolt around the concept of, “theater for the people, by the people and of the people.” He believes that active participation in high quality neighborhood arts and theater programs provides countless benefits to individuals and to communities.