Family Double Feature

Join us on February 10, 2018 at the Curtiss Mansion in Miami Springs for an exciting event for all ages. Two free shows: a Little Red Riding Hood puppet show, followed by a crazy and hilarious performance of Journey to the Center of the Earth. Read all about it on our Eventbrite page.

Click the prehistoric beast above to read the blog post about our new show.

School Partnerships

We work with schools to immerse students in the world of classical theater. Click here to learn how your school can partner with us.

Shakespeare’s Birthday Celebration

Little Revolt’s second annual party for the Bard is coming in April 2018. Did we mention there’ll be cake? Learn more on our Stories and Shakes page.

What We Do. We work with schools, communities, senior centers, youth and adults to make theater and art.

Make a Difference. Your organization can underwrite arts programs in the community. Click above to learn more.